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Sand Blasting Machine Equipment

Sand Blasting Machine Equipments

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Sand Blasting Machine Equipments and our set up is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Yash Blast Abrasive blasting machine can be fitted in variety of versions, with various kits and accessories, in order to meet exact requirement of the customer. Sand Blasting Machines are used for various applications like cleaning of moulds, putting Grains on the moulds, preparing surface for painting, PTFE Coatings etc.

Yash blast abrasive machines are manufactured to the International standard and are used on production site through out the country. The machines comes in ready condition to be used, only a compress air connection to be priored. The medium used for Blasting is collected in the machine and can be used for many times and Exhaust Blowers provide at the top of the machine with filtering system to give clear Exhaust Air all models are equipment with concave head for easy filling, with automatic pop up valve. All vessels are tested at high pressure as per international standard the conical bottoms ensure and easy flow of abrasive to the metering valves. The inspection trap is period for access to the interior part of the vessels.

All welding are performed with the help of rotator at position and thoroughly checked and documented, as per the procedure qualifications all the vessels are fabricated in accordance with ASME section 8(Roman) and with pollution control norms Hydraulic as per the Fabrication there for granted the highest level of performers.

YE 550 dia

YE 750 dia