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High Pressure Jet Washers

High Pressure Jet Washers

This High Pressure Washer is perfect for occasional use for tackling moderate dirt around the home. From bicycles to stone walls and even SUVs, the pressure washer produces dazzling results all round thanks to its powerful water-cooled motor. It provides splash-free and highly effective cleaning results on smooth surfaces. What's more, the device also has a spray gun featuring the Quick Connect system. The VPS (Vario Power spray lance) allows the user to adjust the pressure to perfectly suit the surface with a simple turn of the hand. The dirt blaster makes even stubborn dirt a thing of the past. And a water filter protects the pump from small dirt particles. Get best price of High Pressure Washer. We do all machines services and maintenance.


  • High cleaning power : Aluminium anodised pump with stainless steel pistons producing a combination of high flow and pressure resulting in high cleaning power
  • Convenient : Metal telescopic handle for easy of use, mobility and compact storage
  • Versatile : Used both in horizontal and vertical positions
  • Self-priming : Can draw water from external water source
  • Automatic motor and pump stop : Reduces the consumption of electricity and water

Technical Data:

  • Operating pressure: 130-180 bar
  • Power Rating: 0.5KW- 5.5 KW
  • Max. inlet temperature: 50-600 C
  • Rated flow rate: 390-5050 L/h
  • Pump system: Piston Pump
  • Pistons: Steel
  • Motor type: Induction
  • Vibration emission value ah: 1.8-3.5 m/s

High Pressure Jet Washers
High Pressure Jet Washers